About The Rack Pack


What is the Rack Pack?
Rack Pack, Inc. is breast cancer survivor support group aimed at connecting and supporting those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. A group of breast cancer survivors, called The Rack Pack, meet regularly to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to each other.

The Rack Pack

What kind of support does the Rack Pack provide? To date, The Rack Pack has provided more emotional and spiritual support.  Any physical support has been funded through individual members of The Rack Pack.  Funds raised for The Rack Pack would enable the group to physically support those diagnosed with breast cancer.  For instance, Rack Pack, Inc. would like to pay for occasional meals and housekeeping services to breast cancer patients currently going through treatment or provide emergency financial support for those who are unable to work due to treatment.

Who participates in the activities?
Breast cancer survivors and occasionally their caregivers participate in regular meetings and other activities. The breast cancer nurse navigator from Kirkland Cancer Center in Jackson, Tennessee also attends The Rack Pack meetings and helps to provide insight when needed.

Where do you conduct the activities?
The Rack Pack generally meets at the Kirkland Cancer Center in Jackson, Tennessee but on occasion meets at alternate locations.  The Rack Pack also provides virtual support to breast cancer survivors by facilitating a private Facebook group where survivors can post questions, concerns, or victories and get feedback from other women who have been in their shoes.

When or how often the activities occur?
The Rack Pack meets once a month on the third Monday of the month; however, virtual support through the private Facebook group can occur at any time.

What fees, if any, are charged?
There are no fees associated with being a member of The Rack Pack.

    Rack Pack

    Rack Pack, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.